Democratic Institutions

Political Capital is continuously involved in studying the changes in the institutional systems of the world’s democracies. This involves our own research, descriptive studies, conferences and professional workshops. In addition to the examination of the Hungarian political system, we pay considerable attention to the analysis of illiberal tendencies in Russia, Turkey and the Visegrád Group.

Our belief is that such hybrid regimes do not completely eradicate elements of a democratic institutional system. However, they do strive to erect barriers to accountability, pluralism, the rule of law, publicity, market economy and civil society. In our work, we put strong emphasis on researching the social prerequisites of these essential building blocks for a functioning democracy.

Regarding democratic institutions, along with our regular analyses, we also make professional recommendations. As early as 2007, we published a recommendation package on problems in the areas of fundamental rights and equal opportunities in Hungary. The following year, we launched an initiative on the Hungarian referendum reform and made recommendations regarding the regulation of the right to free assembly.

For any enquiries about our research on democracy, please contact our executive director, Attila Juhász.

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