International migration

Our institute became involved with international migration and refugee studies well before the 2015 migration crisis erupted. Initially, we examined the domestic and international trends regarding prejudices and anti-immigration sentiment in connection with our research on radicalism. However, since 2010, we have treated international migratory processes, along with migration and integration policies, as an independent field of research. Naturally, we have a special focus on countries in the CEE region.

Political Capital, in cooperation with the Budapest-based TÁRKI Social Research Institute, was part of a European research programme entitled “Migrant chances and experiences in Hungary” in 2011. In 2013, at the request of European Liberal Forum, we compiled our first country report on the situation of Hungary’s Roma minority, and in 2015 we published a comprehensive study on the effects of the European migration crisis in Hungary in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Our further work in this area includes forecasts on demographic and migratory risks, including the examination of the effects of emigration from Hungary on society and the economy.

Our belief is that legitimate concerns regarding both human rights and security can be successfully co-ordinated in the national and international migration policies, and professional events organised by us that dealt with these issues also supported this thesis.

For enquiries about our research into international migration, please contact our executive director, Attila Juhász.

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