To analyse MEPs’ attitudes to value-based foreign policy decisions, we selected a wide range of resolutions passed by the European Parliament. These:

  • Condemn the actions of authoritarian regimes, particularly hostile Russian activities in and outside of the EU; and/or
  • support European values in third countries.

We only selected decisions (including final resolutions, specific amendments and paragraphs) approved by a roll-call vote (RCV), as only these reveal how individual MEPs cast their ballots. The votes we selected are the following (Russia-related decisions are marked with an R in parenthesis at the end of their title).

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1. Condemning the Maduro regime

Expresses concern about the severe situation in Venezuela and reaffirms support for a peaceful and democratic solution to the crisis.

Date of vote: 18/7/2019, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (RC-B9-0006/2019)

2. Amendment inserting a reference to the Magnitsky Act (R)

The resolution condemns the Russian government for several rule of law violations, the country’s judiciary system, and its treatment of prisoners. The resolution calls on Russian authorities to improve the situation and the HR/VP to monitor it, while reiterating its support for a European Human Rights Act. This particular amendment inserted a reference to the Magnitsky Act into the text.

Date of vote: 18/7/2019, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (RC-B9-0012/2019 Am 1)

3. Crimes of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union (R)

Remembers the 80th anniversary of the start of the Second World War and condemns Nazi and communist crimes.

Date of vote: 19/9/2019, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (RC-B9-0097/2019)

4. Foreign electoral interference in EU (R)

Summarises information about foreign attempts to influence elections in Europe, condemns such practices, condemns attempts by European parties to seek funding from third countries, and calls on the EU to step up against electoral interference and disinformation.

Date of vote: 10/10/2019, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (RC-B9-0108/2019)

5. Amendment rejecting a Special Committee on electoral interference (R)

Deletes a paragraph from the text stating that the EP should consider setting up a special committee on foreign electoral interference and disinformation. The amendment is considered Russia-specific because it modified a text focusing on the Kremlin.

Date of vote: 10/10/2019, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (RC-B9-0108/2019 Am 11)

6. Concerns about elections in Bolivia

Summarises the irregularities that helped former Bolivian President Evo Morales to a new term on 20 October, and calls on all sides to hold a new election according to international standards as soon as possible.

Date of vote: 28/11/2019, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (RC-B9-0187/2019)

7. Concerns about rule of law in Cuba

Condemns the detention of José Daniel Ferrer and Cuba’s treatment of political prisoners, calling on the Cuban government to implement sweeping legal reforms to address such problems.

Date of vote: 28/11/2019, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (RC-B9-0200/2019)

8. Russia’s illegitimate prosecution of Lithuanian judges (R)

Condemns Russia for failing to cooperate with Lithuanian authorities in the 13 January trial and harbouring and protecting officers who played a role in the 13 January 1991 attack against Lithuanian civilians. Calls on Russia to make its own officers accountable. It condemns Russia for initiating court cases against Lithuanian judges, prosecutors who took part in the 13 January case. Calls on Interpol to ignore arrest warrants against these Lithuanian citizens.

Date of vote: 28/11/2019, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (RC-B9-0182/2019)

9. Human rights violations against the Uyghur in China; §1/3

The resolution calls on Chinese authorities to respect the fundamental freedom of the Uyghurs, release Uyghur scholar Ilham Tohti and all other human rights defenders. It expresses concerns about China’s high-tech population control tools and the possible use of forced labour in detention camps. Paragraph 1 calls on China to put an end to arbitrary detention and close all detention centres.

Date of vote: 19/12/2019, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (RC-B9-0246/2019 §1/3)

10. Violent crackdown on protesters in Iran; §5

The resolution condemns Iranian authorities’ responses to recent protests. Paragraph five stresses that fundamental rights must be respected and Iranian authorities should meet their international obligations.

Date of vote: 19/12/2019, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (RC-B9-0271/2019 §5)

11. Concerns about rule of law in Nicaragua

The resolution condemns the repressive actions of the Nicaraguan government against its own population.

Date of vote: 19/12/2019, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (RC-B9-0251/2019)

12. Russian 'Foreign Agents Law'; §13 (R)

The resolution condemns Russia’s foreign agent law in general and its recently approved amendments, which allows for the stigmatisation of individuals as foreign agents in particular. It calls on Russia to repeal the law and fulfil its international obligations. Paragraph 13, among other things, “underlines that the sanctions against Russia can be lifted only when Russia fully complies with its obligations.

Date of vote: 19/12/2019, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (RC-B9-0258/2019 §13)

13. EU Foreign Policy and Security Strategy 

The report calls on the EU to defend universal values, such as multilateralism, the rule of law and free trade, more effectively both within and outside of the bloc. It condemns Russia, China and Turkey in particular for their aggressive foreign policy actions, and even the US for its retreat from multilateral institutions. The rapporteurs specifically called attention to hybrid threats against the Union, naming Moscow as the main source of such threats. As a solution, the text proposes increasing budgetary resources to efforts countering hybrid threats. The report supports the territorial integrity of Georgia and Ukraine. The text adds that introducing qualified majority voting in foreign policy decisions would make the EU more effective in responding to such threats.

Date of vote: 15/1/2020, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (A9-0054/2019)

14. EU Security and Defense Strategy 

The report identifies several threats to European stability: the situation in North Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans, as well as Russian aggression in Georgia and Ukraine. Hybrid threats are highlighted in the report as well. The text also condemns China for its actions in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait. The report says that the EU must become more effective in stepping up against international crises, so it calls on qualified majority voting to be introduced in the area of the Common Security and Defence Policy.

Date of vote: 15/1/2020, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (A9-0052/2019)

15. Report on human rights and democracy in the world in 2018

The report expresses concern about the attacks on democracy and the rule of law worldwide, condemns authoritarian regimes for restricting the rights of its own citizens and highlights that the EU is committed to placing human rights and democracy at the centre of its relations with non-EU countries.

Date of vote: 15/1/2020, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (A9-0051/2019)

16. Parliamentary coup in Venezuela

The resolution reiterates the EP’s recognition of Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela and condemns the attempted parliamentary coup by the Maduro regime. The text attests that the National Assembly is the only legitimately elected democratic body of Venezuela.

Date of vote: 16/1/2020, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (RC-B9-0048/2020)

17. Setting up a foreign interference committee 

The EP decided to set up a special committee for 12 months dealing with foreign interference in European elections. The committee will also be tasked with finding potential answers to such threats and suggest coordinated EU action against hybrid warfare.

Date of vote: 18/6/2020, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, Debate, RCV (B9-0190/2020)

18. Recommendations concerning Eastern Partnership countries (R)

The recommendation strongly condemns the Russian Federation’s actions violating the fundamental principles and norms of international law in the EU’s Eastern Partnership region, especially in Ukraine.

Date of vote: 19/6/2020, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, DebateRCV (A9-0112/2020)

19. Hong Kong autonomy

The EP condemned the national security law imposed by Beijing on Hong Kong. It also declares its support for creating a “more robust strategy” on China.

Date of vote: 19/6/2020, Links: Text adopted, Minutes, DebateRCV (RC-B9-0169/2020)



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